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We're really passionate about creating programs for busy professionals who want to transform their health and body so they can spend less time feeling stuck and more time celebrating results.

We believe that a truly healthy body not only does amazing things for your waistline, it can do amazing things for your energy, your confidence and your life (career included).

We're Angel and AD

we love helping busy professionals create a strategies that work with their schedule 

nutrition and fitness coaches and LOVERS OF VEGAN ICE-CREAM + BLACK BEAN BURGERS!

We love great workout gear, good vegan eats, combining traditional with restorative workouts, and we really believe in the 'power' in power naps.

If you run into us, you'll find us popping into our favorite hot yoga class, doing our best car karaoke duets and catching the latest action-packed movie release. 

Gluten-Free Eats. Yoga + Weights.

We understand that when you create a solid foundation and you get your body to a truly healthy place - it functions, feels AND looks different.

You have the power to create the wellness,  the life, and the body you want. We're here to help make that as simple and straight forward as possible.

We're Certified Fitness, Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaches


My go-to starbucks drink

Chai Latte all day

If we could travel anywhere tomorrow, it'd be...

The beach!

Cardio, Weights or Yoga?

Weights + Yoga

Favorite place to visit

The Wild Cow

Famous Dead Person we'd love to meet

Kobe Bryant

Favorite Healthy Drink

Ginger Lemonade

Fun Facts About us!

nodding your head right now?

Just getting back to the healthy lifestyle you once enjoyed.

Trying to take your results to the next level.

Wanting to feel more confident so you can make the professional strides you want.

Dream of living in a body that doesn't constantly feel like you're in a losing battle.

Whether You Are...


Simply Defined Fitness has guided me through a number of lifestyle changes; personal fitness, nutrition choices, weight loss issues, weekly fitness goals and encouragement when I really needed a boost.

Let us create an easy-to-follow clear-cut plan for nutrition, for exercise, and creating a truly healthy lifestyle so you can get the results you'want.

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