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Whether you’re new to yoga and want to learn the foundations, or advanced and want to be challenged - you’ll love this twist on the traditional vinyasa class.

FLOW: the ultimate blend of zen and beats


You want to create more opportunities to slow down and reconnect with your breath

You’re looking for a unique breath to beat vinyasa to begin or deepen your practice

You want to embrace your zen while vibing out to the latest hip-hop and R+B tracks

If you're ready to...

this is for you

Currently poppin’ up in Miami
Come try the hottest new Hip Hop and R+B Yoga classes in Miami.
Bring your mat and come FLOW: with me!

Pop-Up Classes


This curated experience combines my signature feel-good vinyasa with the latest healthy drinks and wellness goods. Mark your calendar and keep your mat close. The next event will be announced soon.

The Zen + Juice Experience


At home, at work or on-the-go, I’ll design a unique yoga experience for you and your community that will have you feeling connected to your breath and body.

Private Yoga


Ways You Can Flow with Me


Angel is such a warm, friendly, positive, and inspiring coach. She is well educated on health and wellness and understands the way our bodies work and what we need nutritionally and exercise wise. Not only did I lose weight, but I learned how to use supplements and food to help restore health to my body. 

Working with Angel was the best gift I could have given myself. 


Angel didn’t just teach me about nutrition and exercise, she showed me that I can break down mental barriers within myself that had previously prevented me from achieving my goals. She was with me every step of the way during my transformation.

Selecting Angel has completely changed every aspect of my life


The results speak for themselves, however what’s most important is how I felt. I started sleeping better, had more energy and I had learnt so much about my body

Working with Angel was such an amazing experience.


 I now have a full nights’ sleep and balanced hormones. In addition, before starting this program, my cholesterol was high and now - all back to normal. 

This program helped me get my life back.  


With her help, I’ve overcome chronic pain and achieved health goals I never thought possible..   

I’ve entrusted Angel with my fitness journey for 7 years

connect with your breath and flow

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I'm so glad you're here. Get cozy, take a look around, and don't forget to connect with me before you leave.



Thyroid Mentorship


Simplified Reset